As I said on my home page, I am interested in cards from all over the world - especially cards which illustrate the differences between countries - their architecture, their ancient sites, their castles and cathedrals, their capital cities and their way of life. I am also impressed by elegant or interesting bridges - huge slender structures, like the new one between Denmark and Sweden, or ones with an interesting story behind them, like the half bridge in Avignon, France

I also love wild scenery, especially areas which look as though no human has been, and waterfalls.

By profession, I am a librarian, training which helps me to organise my cards, but I am a mere beginner compared to some collectors I have come into contact with who have upwards of 30,000 cards - now that is some library! As a spinoff from my job, which nowadays means I work increasingly with a computer screen, I also collect postcards of libraries - mainly traditional collections in english stately homes or cathedrals, but I am interested in libraries in other countries too, especially their national libraries, but also those in interesting settings or in impressive buildings. Or those which are not conventional libraries at all, like the donkey-driven mobiles in Africa. 

As a special piece of research, I am hunting for any libraries which were paid for by Andrew Carnegie - postcards of these will be especially welcome, but so would a photograph, or any information - do you have a Carnegie library in your home town?

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