Website for Julia Chandler - postcard collector

Welcome to my site. Although I have been collecting postcards since I was about 12, it is only during the last couple of years I started using the web to make new contacts and fill gaps in my collection. I collect cards relating to places I have lived or visited, but also I am trying to get at least one card from every country in the world - in particular the capital city. I love travelling, and cards are a good initial insight into a country. I am particularly interested in UNESCO heritage sites, libraries and cards which show stunning wilderness scenery - especially waterfalls. 

I live in Kent, a beautiful county in South East England, full of castles, cathedrals and typical english country villages, however I work in London, so can easily get cards of all the famous sights!

Since joining postcard collecting groups I have been made aware of the range of subjects that people are interested in, and hope to match up some of my "spare" cards with new owners.

If you are interested in a trade, please contact me: