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Adelaide Australia academic Barr Smith Library, Adelaide University
Adelaide Australia state Mortlock Library - State Library of South Australia
Melbourne Australia state State Library of Victoria
Melbourne Australia public  
South Yarra Australia public  
Admont Austria religious Stift Admont
Heiligenkreuz Austria religious Stift Heiligenkreuz
Klosterneuberg Austria religious Klosterneuberg Abbey
Kremsmunster Austria religious Benedictine monastery
Lambach Austria religious Lambach monastery
Lilienfeld Austria religious Zisterzienserstift - Abbey
Melk Austria religious Stift Melk 
Rosenburg Austria private Schloss Rosenburg - renaissance castle
Schlierbach Austria religious Abbey
Schwaz Austria religious Franciscan Monastery
St Florian Austria religious St Florian Monastery
Steiermark Austria religious Chorherrenstift Vorau
Vienna Austria state National Library
Minsk Belarus state National Library
Antwerp Belgium museum Plantin Moretus House museum
Antwerp Belgium public Bibliotheque communale
Antwerp Belgium public & research Scientific Research Library
Brussels Belgium state Bibliotheque Royale
Leuven Belgium academic University library (original)
Leuven Belgium academic University Library (post war)
Merlemont Belgium private Chateau de Merlemont [card spells it Marlemont]
Hamilton Bermuda public  
Somerset Bermuda public Springfield Library
Bahia Brazil religious Convent of S Francisco
Sofia Bulgaria national National Library
Brantford, Ontario Canada public Carnegie Library
Calgary, Alberta Canada public  
Guelph Canada academic Massey Hall & Library O.A.C
Guelph, Ontario Canada public Carnegie Library
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada academic MacDonald Memorial Library, Dalhousie University
Haskell Canada public Haskell Free Library and Opera house
Montreal Canada public  
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada public  
Ottawa Canada state Parliament of Canada
Owen Sound Canada public Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library
Quebec Canada private Literary & Historical Society Library
Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada public  
St John, New Brunswick Canada public  
St Thomas, Ontario Canada public Carnegie library
Stratford, Ontario Canada public Carnegie library
Toronto Canada law Law Society of Upper Canada
Toronto Canada public Public reference library
Vancouver Canada public Carnegie library
Victoria Canada public  
Windsor, Ontario Canada public Carnegie library
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada public Carnegie library
Woodstock, Ontario Canada public Carnegie library
Guangzhou China academic Institute of Foreign Languages
Hong Kong China public  
Nanjing China state Sun Yat-sen mausoleum - Buddhist library
Shanghai China public  
Raratonga Cook Islands  public  Library and museum
San Jose   Costa Rica state  National Library
Dubrovnik   Croatia religious  Franciscan Monastery of Friars Minor
Breznice    Czech rep. private Castle library
Hluboka    Czech rep. private Castle library
Hrubý Rohozec    Czech rep. private Castle library
Kacina Czech rep. private Castle library
Kozel Czech rep. private Kozel Castle library
Krivoklat Czech rep. private Furstenberg Library
Kromeriz Czech rep. private Bishops palace library
Lazne Kynzvart Czech rep. private Zamek (Castle) Kynzvart - Count Metternich
Námešt nad Oslavou Czech rep. private Castle library
Prague Czech rep. state National Library
Prague Czech rep. national Ministers Library, Cernin Palace
Prague Czech rep. national Prague observatory library
Prague Czech rep. state Strahov library - museum of national literature
Sychrov Czech rep. private Sychrov castle
Tepla Czech rep. religious Abbey library - second biggest in CZ
Vyssi Brod Czech rep. religious Cistercian Monastery
Copenhagen Denmark private Royal library
Roseau Dominica   public Carnegie Library
Sinai  Egypt  religious  St Catherine's monastery
Talinn  Estonia  state  National Library of Estonia
Helsinki  Finland  academic  Helsinki University
Helsinki  Finland  state  National Library 
Oulu Finland  public  
Rovaniemi Finland  public Famous architect: Alvar Aalto
Tampere Finland  public  
Turku Finland  public  
Albertville  France  religious  Abbaye de Tamie, Savoie
Amiens  France  public  
Arras  France  public  ruins of public library - post WWI
Boissy-Saint-Leger  France  private  Chateau de Gros-Bois
Chantilly  France  private  Chateau
Chantilly  France  private  Cabinet des livres of the Duc d'Aumale
Chartreuse  France  religious  Chartreuse Monastery
Combourg  France  private  Chateau of the family of Chateaubriand - author and statesman
Compeigne  France  private  Palais de Compeigne - cabinet de travail de l'Empereur
Fontainebleau  France  private  Palace Library
Paris  France  private  Mazarine Library
Paris  France  private  The Institute Library
Paris   France  state  National Library - old
Paris  France  state  National Library - new
Paris  France  state  The Senate Library
Paris  France  private  Marchais Palace / Schloss Marchais - Grimaldi family
Pontigny  France  religious  Abbey de Pontigny - Cistercian
Reims  France  public  Carnegie Library
Rueil-Malmaison  France  private  Chateau Malmaison
Saint Maurice  France  public  Mediatheque Eugene Delacroix
Versailles  France  private  Louis XVI library
Amorbach  Germany  religious  Abbey
Bad Schussenried  Germany  religious  Kloster
Berlin  Germany  academic  University library
Berlin  Germany  state  National Library
Berlin  Germany  academic  Freie Universitat Berlin
Bernkastel  Germany  private  Cusanusbibliothek in St Nikolaus Hospital
Dortmund  Germany  public    
Dresden  Germany  state  Sachsische Landesbibliothek
Frankfurt am Main   Germany  state/academic Senckenbergische Bibliothek
Gorlitz  Germany  public  Upper Lusatian Library of Science & Humanities
Gottingen   Germany  state/academic Niedersachsische Staats- und Universitatsbibliothek
Halle  Germany  academic  Library of the Francke Foundation
Hannover  Germany  state  TIB - German National Library of Science & Technology
Kiel  Germany  state  Zentralbibliothek fur Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Leipzig  Germany  state  Deutsche Bucherei - now Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Metten  Germany  religious  Benedictine Abbey of Metten
Munster  Germany  public  Stadtbucherei
Neuburg an der Donau  Germany    public 200 Jahre Provinzialbibliothek / Staatliche Bibliothek (barock)
Ottobeuren  Germany  religious  Abbey
Potsdam  Germany  private  Scloss Sans Souci
St Peter  Germany  religious  Monastic library
Ulm  Germany  religious  Monastic Library at Wiblingen
Waldsassen  Germany  religious  Cistercian Abbey
Weimar  Germany  private  Goethe-Nationalmuseum
Weimar  Germany  private  Herzogin Amalia Library 
Weimar  Germany  state  Landesbibliothek
Wolfbuttel  Germany  private  Herzog August library
Gibraltar  Gibraltar  public    
Georgetown  Guyana  state  National Library of Guyana - nb Carnegie funded
Hungary  religious  Cistercian Abbey - name not yet translated
Budapest  Hungary  public  Erin Szabo library
Budapest  Hungary  state  National Szechenyi Library
Eger  Hungary  academic  Teachers college
Kalocsa  Hungary  religious  Cathedral Library
Namest na Hane  Hungary  private  Castle library
Orlik  Hungary  private  Castle library
Panonhalma  Hungary  religious  Monastery
Bombay  India  academic  Sassoon Library
Cashel  Ireland  religious  Bolton Library
Dublin  Ireland  state  National Library
Dublin  Ireland  state  National Library 
Dublin  Ireland  academic  Trinity College
Jerusalem  Israel  academic  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (also Jewish National Library) 
Jerusalem  Israel  museum  Shrine of the Book
Cesena   Italy  academic  University (part of University of Bologna)  
Cesena  Italy  public  Malatesta Library
Florence  Italy  private  Riccardiana Library
Florence  Italy  state  National library
Florence  Italy  private  Uffizi Library  
Montecassino  Italy  religious  Abbey 
Parma  Italy  state  Biblioteca Palatina
Rome  Italy  religious  Vatican Library
Rome  Italy  public  Casanatense Library Settignano,  
Florence  Italy  private  Villa I Tatti (now owned by Harvard) 
Siena  Italy  religious  Library in the Siena Duomo
Trieste  Italy  private  Miramare castle 
Turin  Italy      BibliotecaReale
Venice  Italy  private  Sansovino library - Antica biblioteca o Libreria Vecchia
Montego Bay  Jamaica  private  Rose Hall Plantation House library 
Nagoya   Japan  public  in Tsuramai Park
Tokyo  Japan  state  National Diet Library 
Janggyeong  Korea  religious  Haeinsa woodblock library
Malaya  Malaysia  academic  University of Malaya 
Valetta  Malta  state  National Library 
Fort-de-France  Martinique  private  Schoelcher Library
Mexico City  Mexico  academic  National University of Mexico library 
Mexico City  Mexico  state  National Library
Puebla  Mexico  religious  Palafoxiana Library 
Veracruz  Mexico  academic  University Veracruzana
Amsterdam  Netherlands  public  Opened 7/7/07 
Amsterdam  Netherlands  academic  Artis Library - part of Uni of Amsterdam 
Den Haag  Netherlands  public  Bibliotheek bij avond 
Den Haag  Netherlands  state  Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Ede   Netherlands  private  Kroller Muller Hunting lodge. National Park de Hoge Veluwe
Haarlem  Netherlands  museum  Teylers museum
Krommenie  Netherlands  public     
Leiden  Netherlands  private  Bibliotheca Thysiana 
Middelburg  Netherlands  public  Zeeuwse Bibliotheek 
Ravenstein  Netherlands  religious  Soeterbeeck Monastery
Utrecht  Netherlands  academic  Utrecht University library 
Dunedin  New Zealand  private  Larnach Castle 
Timaru  New Zealand   public     
Wellington  New Zealand  public   
Quetta  Pakistan  public  Sandeman library, Sibi 
Krakow  Poland  academic  Library of Jagellonian Uni, Collegium Maius 
Poznan  Poland  public  Raczynski Library 
Wroclaw  Poland  state  Ossolinscy Library (Library of the Constitutional Tribunal) 
Coimbra  Portugal  academic  Library of Jean V - University of Coimbra
Figueira da Foz    Portugal  public   
Lisbon  Portugal  private  Library of the Palace of the Conde d'Obidos 
Lisbon  Portugal  private   Ajuda Library - originally the Royal Library
Lisbon Portugal state NAtional Library
Mafra  Portugal  private  Mafra Palace
Bucharest  Romania  academic  Central University 
Birobijan  Russia  public     
Khabarovsk  Russia  institute  Regional Science Library 
Leningrad   Russia public  ME Zaltkova-Tschedrina public library 
Moscow  Russia  state  The Lenin Library
St Petersburg  Russia  state  National Library 
Vyborg  Russia  public  Viipuri library - by Alvar Aalto (architect) 
Singapore  Singapore  academic  Nanyang technical university 
Singapore  Singapore  state  Raffles National Library 
Singapore  Singapore  state  New National Library 
Betliar  Slovak Republic  private  Castle library
Ljubljana  Slovenia  state  National Library 
Cape Town     South Africa  public  
Cradock   South Africa public     
Johannesburg  South Africa  public     
Kimberley  South Africa  public      
Port Elizabeth  South Africa  public   
Madrid  Spain  academic  Carlos III University of Madrid 
Madrid  Spain  state  Biblioteca Nacional 
San Lorenzo del Escorial  Spain  religious  Royal Monastery of el Escorial
San Millan de la Cogolla  Spain   religious  Monastic Library, Yuso
Toledo  Spain  public  Library of Castilla-La Mancha 
Malmo  Sweden  public  Malmo City Library   
Malmo  Sweden  state  
Marbacka   Sweden  private  Selma Lagerlof's library (woman author)
Stockholm  Sweden  state  Swedish Parliament Library 
Stockholm   Sweden  private  Drottningholm Palace
Svalov  Sweden  private  Trolleholm Castle Library
Bern  Switzerland  public and academic  City and University Library 
Berne  Switzerland  state  National Library 
Einsiedeln  Switzerland  religious  Einsiedeln Abbey 
St Bernard pass  Switzerland      Hospice du Grand St Bernard 
St Gall  Switzerland  religious  St Gall Abbey 
Chiang Mai  Thailand      Ho Tri - Library Hall 
Ephesus Turkey  private  The Library of Celsus

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