I saw a list in a newspaper recently which showed what they considered to be the 10 most spectacular bridges in the UK. Of course this sent me rushing to my bridges album - and found I had the following:


Corrieshalloch Gorge, Highlands

Glenfinnan Viaduct


Bridge over the Atlantic, Argyll


Forth Rail Bridge - second longest cantilever bridge

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Ashness Bridge, Cumbria

Ironbridge, Shropshire

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Tarr Steps, Somerset

Newport Transporter Bridge (one of only 8 in the world)

nb - I dont have that one, but do have a card of the Middlesborough transporter bridge:




Their list is naturally highly subjective - I would have to include one of the more modern suspension bridges, and dramatic cable-stayed examples such as the new Severn Crossing. There are also more unusual ones - ancient ones in the heart of modern cities, or odd designs.

More I would choose from the UK:

Queen Elizabeth Bridge over the Thames

Severn Crossing

Humber Bridge

Tower Bridge

Bridge Chapels were common in medieval Europe, but now there are only six in England: St Ives (top right), Wakefield,  Bradford-upon-Avon (bottom right),   Rotherham, Derby, Rochester (latter 2 are on the banks, not structurally part of bridge) 



St Ives

Bradford on Avon

Pont-y-cyllte aquaduct

Brunel Bridge - over the Tamar at Plymouth

Palladian Bridge

Bridge House, Ambleside

Postbridge, Dartmoor

London - Millennium footbridge

Skye Bridge


And beyond the UK: iconic, tallest, longest, between 2 countries, unusual structure, ancient and others

Oresund Bridge,  - between Denmark and Sweden

International Bridge - between US and Canada

Victoria Falls - rail bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe


Spectacular new Millau Bridge, France - the world's highest

Pont de Normandie


Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam


Nový Most Bridge, Bratislava - the world's longest cable-stayed bridge with one pylon and with one cable-stayed plane

One of the many covered bridges of New England

Luzern timber bridge


Bridge of Sighs, Venice


Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Rialto, Venice, Italy


Europabrücke, Austria

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Half Bridge of Avignon

Vizcaya Bridge, Bilbao, Spain

Mostar Bridge

Mehmed Paša Sokolovic Bridge of Višegrad

Amsterdam - lift bridge

Cahors - Devil's Bridge

Pont du Gard, France

Ronda, Spain

Chesapeake Bay Bridge - 7.7 miles long

Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Mackinac Bridge - longest suspension bridge (between spans)

7 mile bridge, Florida

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Oakland Bay bridge, San Francisco


Aquaduct - Segovia, Spain

Aquaduct - Tarragona, Spain

Viaduct, South Africa

To the new Hong Kong airport   Bridge over the River Kwai  

To make the link with my unesco collection: Ironbridge, Vizcaya, Mostar, Pont du Gard and Visegrad,  are all on the list. Avignon, and the 2 spanish aquaducts of Tarragona and Segovia are part of bigger sites which are listed.

I have different views of many of the bridges illustrated above - so if you are interested in a swap, please contact me. 

For lots more information, explanations, definitions - wikipedia has many pages on bridges. 

Last updated: August 2008

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